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Osamu Iida, MD
Prognostic Impact of Revascularization in Poor-Risk Patients with Critical Limb Ischemia
Interview with Dr. Osamu Iida, MD
In this interview, from TCROSS NEWS, Dr. Iida discusses the PRIORITY Study, published in the June 12 issue of JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions. This registry looked at over 600 patients in 37 hospitals across Japan to see if revascularization had any impact on survival at one-year.
Absorb BVS
Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold in Europe: Now Only Available to Approved Registry Sites
Abbott Vascular has ceased distribution of its Absorb BVS in Europe to all but certified registry sites for one year, at which time, the data collected on performance of the Absorb device will be re-evaluated.
Yutaka Tanaka, MD, PhD
Transradial Coronary Interventions for Complex Chronic Total Occlusions
Interview with Dr. Yutaka Tanaka
In this interview, from TCROSS NEWS, Dr. Tanaka discusses his group's study on transradial coronary interventions for complex chronic total occlusion, just published in JACC: Cardiovascular Interventions. The patient population for this single-center study comprised almost 600 patients and looked at whether the transradial approach was feasible for complex chronic total occlusions.
Medtronic Goes Radial
Medtronic's TRAcelet™ compression device
Medtronic is now offering a full portfolio of transradial tools: a line of catheters, a TRA access kit with introducer sheath, and its TRAcelet™ compression device for simplifying patent hemostasis post-procedure. Although the company previously has marketed a select number of items designed for the transradial approach (TRA), today's announcement marks the first full-transradial offering by a major stent manufacturer in the U.S.
Medtronic CardioInsight Mapping Solution Cleared by FDA
CardioInsight Mapping System
Cardiac mapping is typically accomplished by inserting a catheter into the heart via an artery or vein, allowing physicians to locate the origin of a patient's irregular heart rhythms (arrhythmias). The CardioInsight system, the first commercially released, noninvasive, cardiac electrical mapping system in the world, eliminates the invasive steps of this clinical procedure.
Dr. Masanori Yamamoto
The Clinical and Market Impact of New Generation TAVR in Japan
Interview with Dr. Masanori Yamamoto
The recent approval of Medtronic's CoreValve Evolut R and Edwards' SAPIEN 3 are improving the results of transcatheter aortic valve implantation in Japan. In this interview, from TCROSS NEWS, Dr. Yamamoto discusses the current TAVR landscape.
Medtronic Announces Reimbursement Approval and Launch of CoreValve™ Evolut™ R System in Japan
Medtronic CoreValve Evolut R
The recapturable, self-expanding transcatheter CoreValve™ Evolut™ R System from Medtronic has received reimbursement approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW). This new generation TAVR device is indicated for patients with severe aortic stenosis (AS) unable to undergo surgery, and for whom treatment with transcatheter aortic valve implantation is determined to be the best option.
NORSTENT: Drug-Eluting Stents – Doing What They’re Supposed To
HawkOne atherectomy device and IN.PACT drug-coated balloon
At this week’s annual European Society of Cardiology Congress in Rome, an important randomized clinical trial on stents was presented by Professor Kaare H. Bønaa, MD, PhD. Called NORSTENT, short for the “Norwegian Coronary Stent Trial,” this was the largest stent trial ever conducted, with 9,013 patients followed for six years. That’s serious!
Will Abbott's Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Revolutionize Treatment of Coronary Artery Disease?
Absorb BVS with question mark
In Part One of this feature, we reported on the various positives and negatives of the BVS, as presented to the FDA panel that recommended approval. Now that this device has been approved by the FDA, we discuss in Part Two the Absorb's potential impact in the U.S. with three leading interventional cardiologists, Drs. Ajay Kirtane, James Blankenship, and Daniel Simon.
COURAGE: Does 15-Year Data Have Any Clinical Relevance?
Pills and stent
From the Editor: "I think that this 15-year analysis has so many statistical weaknesses, and is looking at a snapshot in time that has long been surpassed by advances in technology and practice, that the conclusion of this “extended survival analysis” is basically irrelevant to current practice."
European Guidelines Say "Radial First"
transradial access
Today the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) gave the highest recommendation to the radial (wrist) approach for catheter-based interventions in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). The "ACS without persistent ST-segment elevation (NSTE-ACS) guidelines," drafted by an international multidisciplinary Task Force, were introduced as part of this year's annual ESC meeting, and are now published online.
Medtronic Begins Trial for Next-Generation Drug-Eluting Stent in Small Arteries
Medtronic Resolute Onyx stent picture on map of U.S.
Medtronic is beginning the U.S. pivotal trial for its new drug-eluting stent, the Resolute Onyx™. The Onyx received the European CE Mark in November and has been available in countries that recognize the CE Mark. The first phase of this trial will be studying one of the most challenging clinical scenarios: blockages in arteries that measure as small as 2.0mm.
Consumer Reports Overstates Cardiac CT Radiation Dose
Cardiac CT 3D image
Consumer Reports regularly publishes health information to aid the consumer/patient in making decisions. That's good, but also important is having the most current information, which their recent article about CT scans does not. The article states that a Cardiac CT Angiogram (CTA) exposes the patient to 12 mSv of ionizing radiation, or 120 times that of a chest X-ray. This was true years ago, when CTA was first being used to diagnose coronary artery disease. But it is not true today.
FDA Approves HeartFlow FFR-CT: Non-Invasive Method for Determining Coronary Ischemia
HeartFlow FFR-CT 3D Analysis
The FDA has approved HeartFlow's FFR-CT software for measuring coronary blockages non-invasively. While the accuracy of FFR-CT to correctly differentiate significant blockages from those not needing revascularization is only in the mid-80% range, the fact that a CT scan can be performed quickly, non-invasively, and with relatively low radiation doses, makes this procedure a significant contender to the extremely common nuclear stress test, and a potential game-changer in the diagnosis of coronary artery disease.
Dr. Hiroki Shiomi
"The Result of ReACT May Amend Japanese Practice in the Near Future."
Interview with Dr. Hiroki Shiomi
in Japan angiographic follow-up is done in 80% of PCI cases. In this interview, from TCROSS NEWS, Dr. Shiomi discusses the ReACT Study, which shows no difference in outcomes if follow-up is clinical instead of angiographic.
Interventional Cardiologist Dr. Sanjay Patel
"The Whole Story is About Increasing Patient Happiness."
Interview with Dr. Ferdinand Kiemeneij
In this two-part 20th anniversary interview, the "father of transradial intervention, " talks about the history and future of TRI.
Interventional Cardiologist Dr.Ron Caputo
"Transradial Has Gone From a Physician-Centered to an Institutional Concern."
Interview with Dr. Ron Caputo
The landscape of transradial has changed in the past 5 years from introductory "evangelical" didactic lectures to mentorship and adoption by hospitals for economic benefit and improved patient care..

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Dr. Osamu Iida discusses the PRIORITY registry and if there is benefit for revascularization in poor-risk CLI patients (Jun 19)
History, Gruentzig, and Abbott’s Absorb “Dissolving Stent” (Apr 6)
UPDATED: Abbott's Absorb BVS in Europe Will Only Be Available to Approved Registry Sites (Apr 6)
FDA OK to Medtronic's Next-Gen CoreValve TAVR (Mar 22)
First U.S. Case Done with Tryton's Side Branch Stent (Mar 21)
Interventional Cardiology Late-Breakers at ACC.17 (Mar 16)
Micra Leadless Pacemaker Gets OK for U.S. Reimbursement (Mar 10)
IN.PACT DCB Below-The-Knee Study Launched in Europe (Mar 9)
New Analysis of REVERSE Trial Shows Benefits of Medtronic CRT Devices (Feb 27)
Dr. Yutaka Tanaka discusses the transradial approach to complex CTO lesions (Feb 21)
Medtronic Goes Radial (Feb 13)
IN.PACT Japan Study: DCB Increases Patency 86% Over PTA (Feb 9)
Medtronic CardioInsight Mapping Solution Cleared by FDA (Feb 1)
6F HawkOne Gets CE Mark (Jan 24)
Medtronic's 34mm CoreValve Evolut R Gets CE Mark (Jan 17)
Abbott's Acquisition of St. Jude to Close This Week (Jan 2)
Dr. Masanori Yamamoto Discusses Approval of CoreValve Evolut R and TAVR landscape in Japan (Dec 8)
Medtronic's Endurant™ II/IIs Receives CE Mark for Use with ChEVAR Parallel Graft Technique (Dec 6)
Japan Announces Regulatory Process & Post Marketing Surveillance for Abbott BVS (Dec 5)
CoreValve Gets Reimbursement OK in Japan (Dec 1)
Medtronic's Endurant™ II/IIs Delivers Positive Outcomes in Patients with Challenging AAA (Nov 15)
Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Gets OK in Japan (Nov 7)
Interview with Dr. Hiroki Shiomi About the ReACT Study (Nov 4)
BIO-RESORT: Biodegradable Polymers Provide No Clinical Benefit Over Resolute Integrity (Oct 30)
FDA OKs New Recaptureable CoreValve TAVR for Patients with Large Anatomies (Oct 26)
Coronary Angioplasty Enters Its 40th Year (Sep 16)
Medtronic's IN.PACT DCB Gets FDA OK for ISR in Peripherals (Sep 13)
NORSTENT: Drug-Eluting Stents – Doing What They’re Supposed To (Aug 30)
Medtronic Technologies Improve Delivery of Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (Aug 29)
New Long-Term Data Reinforce Safety Benefits of the World's Smallest Pacemaker (Aug 28)
AimRADIAL Masterclass V + FFR Workshop in Budapest (Aug 25)
Edwards SAPIEN3 Gets FDA OK for Intermediate Risk Patients (Aug 21)
Drug-Coated Balloon + Atherectomy for Calcified FemPop PAD? (Aug 4)
Urgent Recall for Lotus Valve (Aug 3)
CoreValve TAVR Gets CE Mark for Intermediate Risk patients (Aug 1)
Will Abbott's Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Revolutionize Treatment of CAD? (July 24)
Health Canada Approval for Abbott's Absorb "Dissolving Stent" (July 14)
FDA OK to 150mm IN.PACT DCB for Long Lesions in SFA (July 13)
Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Gets FDA OK (July 5)
Philips Volcano Activities at EuroPCR (May 15)
InterZENtion: Transradial PCI as an Art (May 13)
An American Cardiologist in Paris (May 11)
FDA Approves World's Smallest Pacemaker for U.S. Patients (Apr 6)
CoreValve: 3-yr Survival Advantages Over Surgery in High Risk Aortic Stenosis Patients (Apr 3)
30 Day Data on Medtronic's Drug-Filled Stent (Apr 3)
CoreValve Bests SAVR in "Intermediate Risk" Aortic Stenosis Patients (Apr 2)
Philips Volcano: 5,000+ Patients Enrolled in 3 iFR Trials (Apr 1)
Low-Risk Trial for CoreValve Evolut R Enrolls 1st Patients (Mar 31)
ACC/AHA Update Guidelines for Dual Antiplatelet Therapy (Mar 29)
FDA Panel Recommends Abbott's Absorb Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold - Part 1 (Mar 21)
Opsens Receives FDA 510(K) Clearance for the OptoWire II (Mar 16)
St. Jude's Nanostim Gets CE Mark for MRI Compatibility (Mar 10)
CoreValve Evolut R "Real World" TAVR Study Begins (Mar 7)
Pete Nicholas to Retire from Boston Scientific Board Chair (Mar 6)
FDA Approves New CoreValve Low-Risk TAVR Study (Feb 22)
CE Mark to Medtronic's Full Line of CRT-Defibrillators for Compatibility with MRI Scans (sFeb 22)
CE Mark for Boston Scientific's Eluvia Peripheral DES (Feb 22)
Medtronic's Solitaire Stent Retriever Improves Ischemic Stroke Outcomes, Reduces Mortality for 80+ (Feb 18)
Study of Medtronic's Valiant TAAA (Thoracoabdominal Aortic Aneurysm) Stent Graft Begins (Feb 10)
"Alarming" Increase in Heart Attacks Among Young Adults in India Due to Smoking and Lifestyle (Feb 10)
Real-World Comparison: Similar Efficacy for Lutonix® & IN.PACT™ Drug-Coated Balloons (Feb 9)
St. Jude Launches Mobile OCT/FFR/Angio System for Cath Labs in Europe and Japan (Feb 9)
FDA Nod to Medtronic MR-Conditional CRT-Defibrillators (Feb 5)
FDA OKs Expanded Patient Population for CoreValve (Feb 3)
CE Mark for 4.5 and 5.0mm Sizes of Medtronic Resolute Onyx Drug-Eluting Stent (Feb 1)
FDA Panel to Look At Data on Medtronic's Miniature Leadless Micra® Pacing System (Jan 29)
Patient Ed About Aortic Stenosis? There's an App for That! (Jan 25)
Svelte Launches Slender IDS Stent-on-a-Wire System in Europe (Jan 24)
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